We design spaces you call home.

We have one simple goal, to give you a home where family and friends gather, connect, and enjoy one another.

We've served the Northwest with over 20 years of award winning custom-designed homes. Our interior and exterior designed homes engender harmony, and ambient living spaces are uniquely crafted for your family. After all, it's your home.

Custom Home Design & Home Redesign

From concept to construction, we're here to turn your dream home into a reality.

We believe that there is no such thing as a typical customer or a typical home. Each client has unique desires and constraints.

In the end, your home, like your family, is like no other.

Our luxury home designs are innovative. We are driven by inspiration. Artistry and Architecture blend together seamlessly in each home. Details are sublime. Our homes engender harmony, and ambient living spaces are uniquely crafted for your family.

Jerome has done a stellar job in designing a home that meets our needs. His insight as to design has really been a godsend to us and we are really looking forward to moving forward in building what we consider our dream home.

We hired Jerome DeMarco to design our new house in North Rim, Bend, Ore. North Rim is known to have the toughest architect committee to get your project approved. Jerome had no trouble with it at all. We literally “zoomed” through all reviews and got approved during every stage of design process without any trouble.

Jerry was wonderful do work with. He met with us on multiple occasions to understand our needs and expectations. He is patient, communicates and listens well. He is open to feedback, and iterations.

We hired Jerry to restyle the front and interior of our home. We needed an architect who had a sophisticated eye but a down home personality. Oh my gosh we are so lucky to have found him… what a class act. He has a great eye, is wonderful to work with, and brings calm to the chaos! Just hire him, he is a pro.